Need assistance?

Take a moment to review our FAQs of some of the more common issues you may experience. If you require an accessible viewing alternative to the immersive, 3-D environment, please contact us via chat.

You can enjoy the summit on your computer–or use a smartphone or tablet to experience parts of it in Augmented Reality (AR) on the Oggi Event platform.  To truly immerse yourself, use your phone and the cardboard viewer for a spectacular Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

Choose one experience or all of them. Just be sure to follow the steps below prior to the event:

Watch this short video to learn how to use your cardboard viewer to experience the event in virtual reality.   Feel free to skip this video if you’re already familiar with using VR goggles or cardboard viewers.

Check your system. Before the summit starts, make sure your operating system and browsers are up to date. This platform works well with Chrome for Windows and MAC, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Learn how to navigate. This event will feature ways of navigating that may be unfamiliar to some of you. Take a few minutes to get the hang of moving in and out of the meeting areas and interacting in the event.


Which operating system works best?

macOS Catalina, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Linux for computers, and iOS, Android for mobile

Which browsers work best?

Chrome, Firefox 80, IE 11 or above, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 80.0.1, Safari 14.0 for macOS

I'm getting an error message that my email is invalid when I try to log in.

A: Make sure you’re using the email you used when you registered for the event. While you can change your profile email address, you still need to login with the one you used when registering.

Why does my computer crash when I try to access the event?

A: Check that your operating system is up to date, and as a reminder, you’ll need to use one of the most up-to-date versions of the recommended browsers.

I see the video but the I can’t hear anything (or the sound is very faint).

A: Double-check the volume on your computer keyboard to make sure they’re turned all the way up.

What do I do if the video and sound are freezing?

A: You might be experiencing network issues on your end. Check your system settings to make sure your internet connection is up and running.

How do I move my avatar around?

A: Use your keyboard arrow keys to move; use your mouse to look around. 

  • To move forward, use the up arrow on your keyboard ^
  • To move back, use the down arrow on your keyboard v
  • To turn, use the left / right arrow keys on your keyboard  <  >

You can also use your mouse to change where you look:   

  • If you slide the mouse forward, you can look up 
  • If you slide your mouse down you can look down
  • If you slide to the left you will look left, if you slide to the right, you will look right. 

What is a vCard?

A: A vCard is a virtual business card, which contains your contact information. Want to network? Share it with other attendees, and request theirs. Your v-Card is created on your profile page.

How do I request someone’s vCard?

A: There are two ways to do this:

1) You can scroll through the attendees in the Action Bar and select the vCards you would like to collect. Each user will get a message that you would like their vCard which they can agree to share.

2) The other way is more interactive: approach the person’s avatar while in the lobby and a set of screens will open to allow you to chat &/or share vCards.

How do I change my vCard?

A: Go to Profile Set Up and edit your information. Click SAVE. Check the preview to see if it’s what you want. If not, change it again. Just be sure to click SAVE. Log out of the event and log in again with the email address you used to register. Your vCard will be automatically updated.

I can’t upload my photo for my avatar.

A: Go the Profile Set Up page and scroll to the bottom to upload your photo. Make sure your photo is less than 150 kbs, no larger than 400 x 400 pixels, png or jpg format.

How do I receive the vCards or presentation decks from the meeting?

A: You can download your goodie bag items including vCards and presentation decks once the event begins.